When you make a career change, you need to ensure that it ticks as many of your boxes as possible, and that the answer to the question ‘what’s in it for me?’ is ‘PLENTY’.

Counties Manukau Health offers just that, a health career packed with benefits and challenges, and an environment where you are valued for the person you are and the skills you bring.

When you join, whilst you’ll be part of a 5000-strong team of highly-skilled staff, you will never be ‘another number’, you’ll be a valued individual with great support and career prospects. We work in one of the most dynamic and culturally diverse regions in New Zealand, and the experience you gain here will stand you in good stead anywhere around the world.

As a member of the Counties Manukau Health family, you’ll regularly have a chance to share your thoughts and feedback on how we could do things better, and how we can achieve the kind of continuous quality improvement that will drive real change to the organisation.

When you join the team at Counties Manukau Health you will be part of nearly 5000 highly-skilled staff, with great support and career prospects. We have a dedicated workforce working in one of the most dynamic and culturally diverse regions in New Zealand. A career at Counties Manukau Health can prepare you for a career anywhere around the globe.

At Counties Manukau Health we have a commitment to training and development, commitment to our community and a community to excellence. We are currently working to deliver even better health career pathways to attract more people from our local community into health careers as well as retain and develop existing staff.

Employee development programmes

Orientation Programme

Counties Manukau Health is one of the largest employers Manukau City and the wider Counties Manukau region. We have 6500 staff. Finding your way around and developing networks are very important. To help new staff Counties Manukau Health has an excellent orientation programme that will introduce you to the organisation’s vision, values, policies and procedures and allow you to meet other who will help you during your career at Counties Manukau Health.

Management Programmes

Counties Manukau Health has a selection of Management training and development programmes in conjunction with the New Zealand Institute of Management. These support staff to:

  1. Develop competencies, confidence and expertise
  2. Increase capability and capacity
  3. Provide opportunity for peer networking
  4. Allow for individual flexibility, yet follow a clear development plan
  5. Build on best practice.

Clinical Leadership Programme

Counties Manukau Health are seeking to create the clinical and management leaders of the future with people who are empowered and confident to lead, people who have a mindset and capacity to collaborate and innovate.

We want to build a cohort of people with the proven confidence and drive to take this organisation forward. Over the next two years, 100 people will have the opportunity to experience this challenge through the University of Auckland’s New Zealand Leadership Institute.